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08 October 2021

Publish date: 08/10/2021

One of my aspirations as LLG President has been to increase the engagement of our members in the running of the organisation and with this in mind over the last two years we've made significant changes to the organisations governance arrangements including creating additional roles on the board specifically for membership representation which we hope will encourage more grass roots members to become involved in decisions about the running of the organisation. Continuing in this theme I have initiated a review of the information its decision making processes that LLG regularly makes available to its members. The LLG Board is a key part of the decision making process and I have asked that the work of the Board is publicised more fully by enabling members access to minutes and agendas etc. subject to any necessary restrictions around staffing and commercially sensitive matters. I hope this will provide an additional level of awareness of what the Board does and inspire more members to increase their involvement.

At the last meeting of the LLG Board we discussed the developing position regarding the Covid pandemic and there was general agreement that although the situation is improving we're not yet out of the woods. This discussion arose in connection with a proposal from the Presidential Team that the current suspension of the succession process, agreed by the LLG Board in 2020, should continue for a further 6 months at which point it is envisaged that conditions will have improved to the extent that the full range of Presidential Team Activities will be possible. This will enable a more effective handover to the next President, Helen Edwards, during the next 6 months as more of the 'in person' activities resume.

Last week I attended one of my first 'in person' events in my official LLG capacity, the Opening of the Legal Year Dinner hosted jointly by the President of the Law Society and the Chairman of the Bar Council. It was really heartening to see how much those gathered clearly enjoyed the opportunity of a face to face interaction. Some attendees were a little overwhelmed at first but soon felt comfortable.

With the improving Covid situation in mind I am delighted that LLG is able to hold its forthcoming annual governance conference in person and with hybrid option. The venue is the Moller Centre in Cambridge which is a purpose built conference venue and is ideally designed to enable social distancing. In order to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible we've decided that the conference dinner will be less formal this year, there is no requirement for black tie/evening dress, (although you're welcome to wear that if you prefer). I look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible on the 4th November.

Best wishes

Quentin Baker
LLG President