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18 January 2019

Publish date: 18/01/2019

When the House overwhelmingly voted to reject the Prime Minister's deal on Tuesday, the 'Exiting the EU Committee' published an immediate report setting out recommendations to the House about potential next steps. The report, 'Response to the vote on the withdrawal agreement and political declaration options for parliament', provides useful and far from arduous explanations as to the next steps for parliament.

The Committee recommends that the House of Commons is given an opportunity to identify an option that might secure a majority and recommends this is done by holding a series of indicative votes "on the options". The options broadly being a re-vote, a no-deal (unless Article 50 extended or revoked), or renegotiation to achieve a specific outcome. Reference is provided within a no vote situation to this "might requiring some sector-specific arrangements". It is clear from LLG's Brexit paper to the Ministry that a no vote will require sector specific arrangements urgently within the local government field. The Government must table a motion by Monday 21 January at the latest on what it proposes to do next. Watch this space--- To read the report click here

You will have seen from our coverage of the NAO report into local authority governance that LLG are frustrated the statutory role of the Monitoring Officer has not been recommended for review alongside that of the 151 Officer. High on our agenda this year is our campaign to really elevate the standing of local authority lawyers and in particular, redress the implications of the lower status downgrading of Heads of Legal to 2nd and 3rd tiers within their authorities. In order to achieve this, we need to obtain tangible evidence of the difficulties that occur as a result within decision making, good governance and overall effectiveness. We will be sending out a short survey soon and seeking anonymous case studies to demonstrate and give weight to our position. Your engagement is crucial to the evidence we can apply to our arguments and position with the Ministry. If you are interested in participating, please do contact us and help shape our campaign.

Best wishes

Helen McGrath

Head of Public Affairs