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19 August 2016

Publish date: 19/08/2016

Greetings from the past. If I may represent all sixty-one honorary members, 'the past' runs from George (retired last year) back to Harry (Local Government Legal Society Chairman in 1950). On their behalf I think I can say that most - more so the further back you go - are horrified by what you are coping with in these unprecedented times. I won't list everything. You know what I mean. Or if you don't you may need to find another career.

Though if my dad is anything to go by the retired are easily horrified. He was a county treasurer, retired in 1974 and by 1975 was already horrified by what I was telling him.

These days my role as Hon Members' Secretary apparently consists solely of organising an annual lunch where we like to reminisce and compare medical problems. More of that another day. But if you'd like to know what we reminisce about and why we're now horrified, some copies of my story of local government lawyers, Local Lawyers: Public Practice, are still available. Details on Facebook. Oh, the things we used to get up to. What larks!

Can I end with a message? Something I regularly drone on about. It's the vital need (especially in these times) to keep the lawyer at the heart of matters, despite the increasing tendency in places for you to be side-lined as a mere support service. The law is as vital as finance. You need a place at the top table, with input to policy formulation and direction. Please try to ensure the policy-makers and direction-setters understand that.

Now, the sun is out. Back to the patio....

John Emms