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Publish date: 15/07/2016

Changes abound this week as the new Prime Minister Theresa May implements sweeping changes to the Cabinet with Sajid Javid MP replacing Greg Clark as the Local Government and Communities minister. It was only 10 days ago that Greg Clark reminded us at the LGA conference that we needed to "keep a cool head" over Europe and reinforced the local, powerful leadership of local government. Indeed Mr Clark has been arguing that local government needs a voice on Brexit and was able to confirm that he had indeed secured "a seat at the table". The Chair of the LGA has been tasked with putting a panel together to represent local government in Brexit talks. LLG will be working closely with the LGA to ensure its contributions on law and governance are heard. Politics aside, this week also saw the brochure launch of the LLG Awards 2016. The process and categories will now be familiar to you so make a nomination and showcase your talents!

The final word this week must go to France and the people of Nice who set out to celebrate Bastille Day with their friends and family and didn't come home. These are challenging times. Our thoughts are with them all.

Kind Regards

Helen McGrath