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1st December 2017

Publish date: 01/12/2017

What a truly magnificent and glamourous evening the LLG Awards 2017 evening was. I was struck by the sheer excitement and build up to the winner's announcements, with cheers and clapping echoing from every corner of the room when a finalist's name was announced. Clive Myrie, BBC Correspondent, heroically stepped into the fray to host the event when John Pienaar was called last minute to Brussels to cover the PM. It seems the influence of Brexit extends even to the LLG Awards!

A massive congratulations to all the winners and those highly commended (the latter of which were made to stand 'to bask in the glory of their commendation'). This year each winner represented a different authority with winners spread across the country from London to Milton Keynes and Sheffield. The full list of winners appears in the news items, but the Local Government Legal Team of the Year Award went to a very deserving Warwickshire who had brought a very large contingency and were over the moon. Thank you to all the sponsors and the membership. Without you all, the event simply could not occur and having witnessed what a joyous celebration of really excellent legal work and innovation is highlighted, I am delighted it did.

Best wishes

Suki Binjal

LLG President